Sunday, May 8, 2011

90's Pinoy Teen Idol: Hunks Edition

Before celebrities like Piolo Pascual, Enchong Dee, Gerald Anderson, Jake Cuenca, and John Lloyd Cruz became household names, actors like Rico Yan, Aga Muhlach, and Richard Gomez used to rule the small and silver screens! 

As a female child of the 90s, 
Here is my squealing, giddy side of the teen idol story:

Red Stenberg
I remember him from the movie It's Cool Bulol with Rica Peralejo. And T.G.I.S on GMA. Red’s character Kiko was the life of the party on T.G.I.S., his cheery nature and endless supply of jokes a constant source of joy for the rest of the barkada. Red’s mischievous smile gained him a lot of fans throughout the years, and people enjoyed watching his character get into trouble onscreen. While Red may have quietly disappeared from the showbiz scene, his stint as Kiko will always occupy a special place in T.G.I.S. viewers' hearts.

Eric Fructuoso
This Gwaping’s awesome hip hop dance moves are his claim to fame. Back in the ‘90s, he and the other Gwapings started the How Gee? dance craze, and Eric did it best! Besides being a comedic actor (he was a Bubble Gang mainstay), he’s also starred in several teleseryes on ABS-CBN, the most recent one being the upcoming Nasaan Ka Elisa?.
He's already in his late thirties, but he was still hot. 

Jeric Raval
I had not heard of  Jeric Raval before. (How come I didn't know him?) It is only now, perhaps after a decade that I appreciated his leather and naive image. 
I was on the bus on my way home from work. The bus conductor put out a dvd. The beginning of the movie: Ogie, Keempee, Zoren, and some other dudes doing some antics on the beach. Blah blah blah blah.. At the back of my head, I'm like Punyemas! Just when I am about to close my eyes (usually I fall asleep while traveling in a bus) The middle-aged woman sitting beside me got so KILIG! "Ang gwapo ni Jeric.!" I'm pissed... Then pagtingin ko sa tv, a guy sporting a black cap, black bomber jacket- it's Jeric Raval.. The drool-worthy man.
Well, I'm undoubtedly attracted to him, at the very least. And he’s intrinsically a part of the 90’s.

A special thanks to Adie, he bought me a 20-in-1 Tagalog dvd.
Typical Filipino Action movies
  • People involve wears Leather Jacket/ Long Sleeves Shirt.
  • Several Suntokan/ Stunt Scene. 
  • Car Chase scene usually Done on a Wide Space road. Tapos biglang babangga sa fruit stand o kaya naman sa tindahan ng samalamig.
  • Si action star tumatakbo kasama si leading lady habang nakikipag barilan. sabay din silang tumatalon sa waterfalls, building at pag may sumasabog.
  • Bago magbarilan sina action star at si kontrabida, magbabatuhan muna sila ng mga malulupet na linya.
  • The protagonists of action movies about guns, goons, and gold Pinoy style, with beautiful leading ladies gunning for their affection. 

Have you ever wondered, how there are no longer action films being shown among Philippine cinemas? (Just a thought that I pondered.)

Some remain famous and others have faded into obscurity, but they're forever ingrained in my memories as teen idols. In some cases, their likenesses are still attached to the walls of our childhood rooms, cementing their stardom for posterity. Believe me, if I could plaster my current walls with old foldouts of Jeric Raval and Eric Fructuoso, I would. Really. I still drool over them anyway. 

A short clip from the movie Valentin Zapanta, another movie I've seen during my bus ride going home. Sadly, Jeric's character was shot and killed. Boo!!

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